Founded in 2014, we want to serve our international customers best in this young industry with the potential to change the world. We are a young, dynamic team, backed by 60 years of experience in the design of flavors for smoke and vapor through our strategic partnership with Hertz Flavors, Europe´s leading supplier of flavors for the tobacco industry. Our team has one goal: we want to re-shape the industry with our products and establish FLAVORIQ as a leading brand of premium quality e-flavors.

Dedication and specialization are the key to success.
Our focus on the development of e-flavors and e-liquids for our business customers drives our motivation and passion for our products and this industry. All our products are specially developed and optimized for the use in electronic smoking devices (ESDs) to make our customers' products unique and superior in the market. Our customer range stretches from liquid manufacturers and fillers, to (semi-)disposable distributers/manufacturers up to multinational corporations. 

Customer service excellence
Our entrepreneurial and customer-centred philosophy results in 100% customer satisfaction and immediate assistance. As a start-up company, we assist our customers 24/7 if necessary and will always seek solutions for the impossible. Being responsive means to rapidly generate new ideas and flavors or to produce and ship urgent orders immediately. On the other hand, our customers can benefit from our flexibility when we use our knowledge and expertise to find answers to new questions and develop solutions instantaneously.

FLAVORIQ is a step in a new direction to continue a family tradition in the 3rd generation of providing our long-term clients and a whole new clientele with our old values: superior flavors of highest quality, intensive technical support, fast response, trust and confidentiality.