The Rise of E-Liquids and E-Cigarettes: Rise of E-Liquids 
Short introduction on the vaping market and the services and products offered by FLAVORIQ to fulfill the needs of vaping companies.

Tobacco Asia: FLAVORIQ's New Vaping Venture: New Vaping Venture 
Information on the challenges of the vaping industry and overview of the services offered by FLAVORIQ.

Tobacco Journal International: Vaping Needs;An Industry Viewpoint: Industry Viewpoint 
The future of the vaping industry and the importance of augmented services.


FLAVORIQ is proud to announce that they have partnered with the following agents for exclusive distribution of our platform flavors in various markets:

China - Shenzhen Tongxinxing: Our partners at Shenzhen Tonxinxing have an extended knowledge of the vaping industry. The direct contact is: Mr Huang at huang_yichun@139.com

South Korea - Rayben Enterprises: Rayben has been doing OEM and ODM for the vaping market since 2011 and is one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of e-liquids in South Korea. Our partner also works with various trade associations in Asia to advocate and promote the industry. The direct contact is: Mr Yoon at 1566-3982 / yoon@diy-fs.com

United States - EuroFlavor: EuroFlavor is a filial of Rayben, our South Korean agents and pioneers of the vaping market in South Korea. The direct contact is: Mr Jason Kwak at jason@euroflavor.com

Trade Shows:

E-Cig Summit - London (UK), 2013: Attendance to this vaping-specific conference presenting information on the trends, scientific advancements and regulations.

E-Cigarette Europe - Nice (France), 2014; 2017: Attendance to this IQPC conference focusing on the European vaping market.

TJI E-Cig Campus - Wiesbaden (Germany), 2014 & 2016: Guest speaker at this TJI's conference gathering professionals of the vaping industry.

Vapor & Shisha Fair - Frankfurt (Germany), 2014; 2016; 2017: Attendance to one of the largest European vapor product exhibition.

CECMOL - Shenzhen (China), 2015: Guest speaker at the first conference entirely dedicated to vaping in China.

World Vapor Expo - Miami (USA), 2015: Attendance to one of the largest B2B and B2C vaping show in the United States.

Inter Tabac / Inter Supply - Dortmund (Germany), 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017: Participation to the leading flagship tobacco event worldwide (B2B only).

VapExpo - Paris (France), 2015: Attendance to one of Europe's most important B2B and B2C vape event.

World Tobacco Middle East - Dubai (UAE), 2015: Attendance to the largest tobacco technology-oriented B2B event in the Middle East.

ECC Las Vegas - Las Vegas (USA), 2016: Attendance to the leading B2B and B2C vaping trade show and conference in the United States (participation by our American agents EuroFlavor).

VapExpo Russia - Moscow (Russia), 2017: Attendance to the largest professional vaping exhibition in Russia.