Why do I need to register to view FLAVORIQ's products?
FLAVORIQ has a “know your customer” policy. This means we filter every registration application in order to make sure that our applicants are industrial customers (we only provide bulk quantities to industrial customers). Also, because some of our articles contain nicotine, we want to make sure that our products are ordered by companies who are qualified to handle these types of goods. 

Why is the company located in Dubai?
Dubai serves as a dynamic and global hub that is ideally located between the Eastern and the Western worlds allowing FLAVORIQ to benefit from optimum international exposure. The strategic location also allows our customers to easily meet with us here on business transits. Additionally, the constant expansion of the city, current booming economy and strong business mindset makes Dubai an ideal location for young and innovative start-ups. 

Are the products safe to be used in e-cigs?
All our products have been designed for the use in e-cigs and comply with the displayed legislation. For the safe use of our pure flavor concentrates, please consult our material safety data sheet (MSDS).

What is the quality of the ingredients used?
All of our ingredients are of highest quality, meaning either Pharmaceutical - (USP or EP) or food-grade.

Can I get insight into the recipes for regulatory purposes?
In case of need of disclosure, we will provide governmental authorities with all required information. For our corporate clients, all required information, up to full quantitative disclosure of recipes, can be supplied upon prior signing of a disclosure agreement.

What are tailor-made flavors?
In partnership with our customers, we can create customized flavors in accordance to their specific needs. This includes the design of new taste profiles from scratch considering the peripherals (e.g. e-cig hardware) to optimize the final product as a whole. Our experienced team of flavorists are able to replicate almost any flavor you have in mind due to their expertise which has been built over many years. Please find out more about this service here.

What are my shipping charges?
The shipping charge for the order will depend on the weight and size of the shipment, your distance from our production facilities (Hamburg, Germany), the country of delivery and the desired shipping method.

You will be notified of the shipping price after entering your location information while placing a web order. Please find out more about the shipping lead-times and charges here