Our specific focus on the e-flavors and e-liquids industry has resulted in the gain of extensive field-related expertise and market knowledge allowing us to serve our customers best. We are up-to-date on legislative developments, technological trends and consumer preferences around the globe and use our extensive network in this industry to provide more than just products, but an overall one-stop premium service.

Product offerings for ESDs 
The electronic smoking devices (ESDs) industry is diversified and involves different market players of unique characteristics; it is for this reason we have developed a variety of innovative product offerings to follow the needs of our diverse customers.

The online shop offers a wide range of premium e-flavors that have been specially designed for the use in ESDs as well as the one-stop solution that includes tailor-made (fully customizable) e-liquids with different base mixes, dosages and nicotine strength available in bulk quantities only. The liquids can be ordered with different base mixes and nicotine strength; please contact our sales support if you are looking for a customized product.

Liquids Flavors
Minimum order size Minimum bin size Minimum order size Minimum bin size
25 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5kg

Superior Quality
All e-flavors and e-liquids are produced in a food-grade environment (HACCP certified), using Pharma-grade (UPS) and food-grade ingredients. Even the packaging of our products is food-grade certified. Additionally, Hertz Flavors follows GMP guidelines and has been DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified for their quality management system for more than 10 years.

All ingredients, intermediate products and the final e-flavors and e-liquids go through comprehensive quality checks. To guarantee the integrity of our products and to fulfil our ZERO CLAIM policy, Hertz Flavors specialists use all their know-how and sensual experience in quality control, as well as modern methods such as GC-MS or NIR analytics and the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Last but not least, every batch of liquid that leaves our production facility is tested on its nicotine content!

Compliance and value added service and support
Serving the customer right means to consider legislative aspects for the different markets as well as special wishes, e.g. all natural or GMO-free ingredients, in the development of the e-flavors and e-liquids. In collaboration with Hertz Flavors, we ensure that country-specific legislative and company-specific ingredient requirements are precisely embedded in our products. In times of change, we help our customers to prepare and comply with tightening regulations therefore providing them with a competitive advantage for the sustainable growth of their business by reducing uncertainty. 

Additionally, our partnership guarantees that all our products are correctly labeled according to GHS/REACH and documented with comprehensive and product specific Safety Data Sheets and Products Specs.




The recipe for our unique, superior flavors for ESDs has several components. It requires a dedication to the product which means a design-process that includes several testing and assessment steps. In other words, testing our products on hardware and evaluating the result is essential to our business; therefore, all of our e-flavors and liquids are designed and tested based on electronic smoking devices (ESDs). But dedication and a perfect set-up alone do not result in flavors that can make a difference, the experience in flavor design for smoke and vape is the essential asset.

Expertise and Experience
Especially when it comes to tobacco flavors or the design of flavors in combination with nicotine liquids, our collaboration with Hertz Flavors results in superior products due to the company's profound, long-time experience in this field. What does experience mean to us? Our flavorists have more than 15 years of experience in their field on average, creativity, knowledge and expertise in the design of flavorings to support our customers the creation of superior products. Our experience also includes the daily search for new materials for our products, the internal investigation of the suitability and interplay between our more than 3.000 available ingredients for the use in ESDs, as well as a close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. This results in innovative flavor systems that enhance the sensual perception of our flavors, compensate taste loss and create a pleasant after-taste, all to exceed your customers’ highest expectations.