Menthol Mild

FQ C058 Fresh and subtle minty flavor.


FQ C059 Warm and spiced spearmint flavor.


FQ C169 Very refreshing extra strong menthol-lyptus flavor.

Tac Tic

FQ C168 Vanilla and peppermint blend with undertones of warm spices and mint.


FQ C091 Just sweet enough and so delicious!

Baked Honey Oats

FQ C100 A delectable blend of oven-baked rolled oats with a drizzle of smooth honey.


FQ C101 Buttery popcorn taste - just like at the cinema!

Condensed Milk

FQ C096 Sugary, thick and creamy milk concoction.

Danish Cinnamon Swirl

FQ C135 The taste is just like the smell of a warm cinnamon bun right out of the oven - sweet, creamy and delicious!

Toasted Marshmallow

FQ C134 Sweet flavor with a slight sugary touch and topped with woody notes.